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Policies & General Information

a.  All policies prescribed by the Skyview High School Student Parent Handbook will be observed.
b.  There will be not BACKPACKS or COATS allowed in this classroom.  You may not store them in this room, or outside this room in the hallway.  USE YOUR LOCKER.  If you bring these items from your locker, you will be assessed with a tardy and asked to return them to your locker.

a.  You are considered an adult. You are expected to act like one.
b.  Food is not allowed in my classroom.   Food & drink are not allowed in the lab at any time.
c.  Students will work on assigned work in class.  If finished free time must be used efficiently.
d.  Students will work individually, and any help needed will be provided by the teacher, unless otherwise indicated.   Working together or sharing answers on homework, unless directed, will be considered cheating and will be dealt with harshly.

a.  Each student will be assigned a desk. Students not in their assigned seat as roll is taken will be marked absent.
b.  Any one not in the room when the tardy bell rings is considered tardy.
c.  Students have the number of days they were absent, to complete any make-up work.
d.  No credit is given for work assigned or due on the day of an unexcused absence.  A zero is recorded for the work.

a.  Your grade is based on the percentage of total points you earn.  The grading scale is:        
    A = 90-100%,         B = 80-89%,    C = 70-79%,        D = 60-69%,        F = 0-59%.

b.  Your grade will be based on the following 5  “weighted” categories: 
    Tests (35%),  Quizzes (30%),  Labwork (10%),  Daily Grade (10%),  Homework (15%)               

c.  Frequent quizzes will be given to encourage regular study and help you in review of the material.  Other graded work will include labs, tests, and written assignments.

d.  No late work will be accepted.  Assignments will be completed when called for or a zero will be entered in the grade book.  

a.  Texts should be brought to class every day.
b.  Each student is required to keep a spiral notebook which should be brought to class every day. Graded papers, lecture notes, study guides, and other important materials (starting with this one) should be placed in the notebook.
c.  Please use  a pencil when doing homework. 

Enriched Chemistry Prerequisite:    
        Biology 1 - completed with a “B” or better

        Algebra 2 - currently enrolled -or- completed with a “B” or better

General Chemistry Prerequisite:
        Biology 1 - completed

        Algebra 2 - currently enrolled -or- completed with a “C” or better

Chemistry Merit Award:
The Chemistry Merit Award is given out in May of each school year.  Students from the general and enriched chemistry classes are considered for this award each year.  The award is given to students who, during the year exhibit the following:
    (1)  academic excellence in their chemistry curriculum
    (2)  help others to learn and succeed in chemistry 
    (3)  are models of integrity and perserverance

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